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1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal System MA-DHR1200

Diode Laser Hair removal Machine MA-DHR600


Model No: MA-DHR1200


Type: Diode Laser


Supply Ability

1000 sets/month


Delivery Method

by air, by DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS express door to door, by sea



Professional design services with the most reasonable expense



This is a multi-functional machine for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It emits 808nm wavelength laser light to remove unwanted hair permanently. Hair removal with the diode laser 808nm is highly comfortable and pain-free. The gradual heating of hair follicles by rapid movement of hand piece on the skin accompanying low fluency high repeat rate shots cause coagulation of hair follicle and break down them permanently with less pain. The powerful contact type skin cooling system is also very effective to reduce pain. M&A laser is designed to make the treatments comfortable not only for patients but also for the beauty specialists. The lightweight design of the laser hand-piece provides long hours of treatments without any discomfort. Our machine is designed to make the things simple for the users. The preset parameters allow the users easily adjust the fluency of the energy and frequency of the laser light according to skin.


Product Features:

  • 100% Germany imported Jenoptik Diode laser bars. 40 million shots lifespan.
  • Micro Channel heat sink.
  • Freon Compressor with safety R134a. Fast cooling system with 72 hours Continuous working time.
  • Big sapphire and 2 pcs of TEC for skin cooling. Real painless hair removal.
  • Smallest handle in Chinese market. Very smart and easy to carry.
  • 11mmx11mm and 10mmx17mm and 20x30mm laser spot size optional.


Product Introduction:



100% Germany imported diode laser bars

MA-DHR1200 uses best quality Germany imported diode laser bars and micro channel cooler, Our engineers are with more than 16 years diode mounting and assembling experience, so the laser  handle diode never burn except life span over.





Best Cooling System Design: 

By now, Freon compressor is the best cooling method for a hair removal machine to protect from laser bars burnt and enhance good feeling of treatment. While, most companies only adopt water or radiator for cooling system due to the high cost price of Freon compressor. We are the only one uses Freon compressor in the Chinese market.





High Real Power Energy

We guarantee and provide the real parameters. And guarantee you the highest laser power bases on a safe treatment process and get the best treatment result in turn. With M&A diode laser hair removal machine, you can get a same result by less treatment sessions.



Before & After



Laser Type Diode Laser
Optical Master Power 1200W/2400W

808nm ±10nm

Energy 1-120J/ c㎡
Pulse Width 10ms ~ 600ms
Repetition Rate 1 ~ 10 HZ adjustable
Skin Cooling Temperature -5℃–5℃ by cooled Sapphire
Handle Life Time 400 million
Maximum Energy 100mj/cm²
Spot Size 11mmx11mm and 10mmx17mm and 20x30mm laser spot size optional.
Handle Number 1 handle
Cooling System Water cooling + Freon Compressor + Wind cooling + TEC cooling
Screen 10.4 inch Touches Screen (LCD)
Input VAC 220VAC /50 – 60 Hz(110VAC optional)
Interface Language English or customized languages
Package Aluminum Alloy Case
Package size 59x54x125cm
Gross Weight 80kg






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