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Multifunctional Skin Care & Dermabrasion System

Model:Facial Care system

Type Iontophoresis&Ultrasound&RF&Vacuum


Supply Ability

1000 sets per month


Delivery Method

By air, by DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS express door to door, by sea



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Deep skin clean
Facial skin remodeling and improve skin elasticity
Anti -Aging
Elimination of wrinkle
Skin rejuvenation


Main features

Handle 1—skin peeling

Deep skin clean, Removing Dead Skin Cell Detox

Pore Tightening, Sebum Control, Blackhead & Whitehead Removal Acne Care


















Handle 2—Iontophoresis
Stimulates skin tissue, hair roots
Stimulating skin tissue and muscles to gives skin elasticity and anti-aging

Can match with functional mask pack to provide nutrients, promote cellular activity and effects on skin regeneration, skin lightening, wrinkles and trouble skin




Handle 3—Mltipolar RF
Collagen remodeling and improve skin elasticity
Dissolves fat & cellulite cell, promotes the blood circulation and lymphatic system
Safe and painless, with immediate effect


Handle 4—Ultrasound
Melts fat and cellulitis cell, maintain skin texture smooth
Massage effect: helps to produce collagen and elastin, activates the fibroblast and enhances skin elasticity


Tornado tip Large, Small
Vacuum range Max 680 mmHg
Radio frequency 1Mhz, Multi polar(6Pol)
Lon lifting 500Hz (Digital lon Lifting)
Ultrasound 1Mhz / 2W/cm2
User interface 7inch Color Touch LCD
Input voltage 100~120V, 50/60HZ / 220~240V, 50/60HZ
Noise level 45Db
Weight 12KG



Delivery time

3-7 work days after full payment received.

Payment term

T/T , Western Union, Money Gram


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