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9 in 1 Multifunctional Oxygen Injection Skin Care System

Model No: MA-9S


Type: Oxygen Injection Skin Care System


Supply Ability

1000 sets/month


Delivery Method

by air, by DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS express door to door, by sea



Professional design services with the most reasonable expense



The design and the current is fully comply with European electrical safety standards, absolutely safe to human body, the built-in anti-electromagnetic interference devices, can effectively protect against electrical and magnetic interference, maintain the current stability, to ensure that procedures effective and stable.

Treating Systems :

System 1 Bi-polar RF
System 2 Tri-polar RF
System 3 Supersonic for body
System 4 Supersonic handle for face
System 5 Bio photo electricity
System 6 Inject oxygen handle
System 7 Spray oxygen handle
System 8 Magic hand
System 9 Oxygen mask


1. Video detection system (proprietary technology)
2. Video monitoring system
3. 60 degree fat rotating system
4. 5M multi polar RF thermal slimming system
5. Vacuum & photon move fat system
6. 35K ultrasonic cavitation system
7. Heart rate test technology
8. Color touch screen with multimedia, display and control the procedure
9. USB data transmit
10. Music treating system
11. Photon and BIO electric
12. Oxygen purity: 96.4%



Voltage AC110V/220V  50-60HZ
Output Power ≤ 450w
Oxygen purity 0.964
RF Frequency 5MHZ  75KHZ
Warranty time 1 year
Deliver Time 7-14 days after receiving the deposit
Wave length 330-990nm
Music output adjustable
Screen Touch screen

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