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Hifu Vaginal Tightening System

Hifu Vaginal Tightening 

Model No.: MAHI-003


Hifu Vaginal Tightening Machine

Working Principle

In some of the quality of sex life decline, perhaps there is a feminine vaginal relaxation problems. For now this problem can choose to take a non-invasive method to help improve their quality of life.


HIFU Vaginal tightening system is the use of a non-invasive acts directly on the lamina propria and focused ultrasound technology muscle fiber layer which ultrasonic energy source, using its penetration and focus of the ultrasonic energy ultrasonic waves focused on the lamina propria and muscle fiber layer.

Forming a high sound intensity area within a predetermined depth layers – focal region can be reached in 0.1 seconds temperature above 65 degrees, so that a predetermined depth within the layer of tissue collagen reorganization, without damage to normal tissue outside the coke. Ensure a predetermined depth layers to achieve the desired tissue collagen contraction, restructuring and regeneration purposes, ultimately mysterious vaginal firming effect.



  • Suit for women who are vaginal relaxation and want firming vagina.
  • Private tigthen– Potentfirming, improve sexual life.
  • Privat lubrication–increase secretion, eliminate dryness
  • Private sensity–cell regeneration, reaction enhancemen
  • Private health–Comprehensive improvement, reduce infection.
  • Privare test—-Be able to test the vaginal relaxation degree



♣ Enough pernatration depth, powerful firming

♣No pain, no vacation period.

♣Savely, one head for each person to avoid fross-inflection

♣Precise depth adjustment system 



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