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PDT LED skin Care Device

Model No: MAPDT01




Supply Ability

1000 sets/month


Delivery Method

by air, by DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS express door to door, by sea



Professional design services with the most reasonable expense



  1. Desalt: Fleck, Sunburn, Age Pigment etc.
  2. Rehab: Any burn, blain or pigmentation caused by high energy from IPL and laser treatment.
  3. Modulation: Maladjusted incretion, Ovary Maintained, breast lifting
  4. Removal: Whelk, Macula, Folliculitis
  5. Improve: Coarse Pore, Flabby Skin, thin Wrinkle, Gray complexion. Facial nerve anaesthesia, Relieve pressure, Improve sleeping.


Treatment Theory:

                 LED medical treatment system, as the newest high-tech product, adopts the imported gene biology-wave lamp-house with over 99% original LED from America, with the unique transmitting technology by light signal in the                        world, not heat effect.



  1. 720-degree eddy of the treatment head
  2. Bigger area irradiation, arc design of the light head suitable for the character of face
  3. Control of the up-down pole for easy operation
  4. One equipment with two different lights (red and blue), the keys for two lights can be easily switched
  5. Does not hurt to the skin cell, no side effect
  6. Simple operation, no need of professional training
  7. Longer lifetime, steady capability, longer continued word time
  8. No special nurse and normal dressing for skin after treatment



Model Beauty Light LED System
Wavelength red light 630nm; blue light 470nm; yellow light 590nm; Green light 530nm;
Power 25MW
Size 32 x 21 x 75cm
Voltage 110V / 220V

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